It all started when...

My wife asked that dreaded age old question..... Soooooo, what's for dinner? Well, Papadums was born from that very question. As two busy professionals with barely enough time to take care of the kids, organizing a household of 4 humans and 2 dogs, managing a hectic schedule was already a daunting task, adding to that, who had time to cook? What were our options? A fancy expensive dinner (who has that kind of time..... or money) or a myriad of unhealthy fast food options. 

Enter Papadums, Our mission here was simple:- Prepare authentic gourmet Indian food using fresh ingredients, make it accessible and affordable so that busy families like ours can pick up a great meal quickly so that you can get back to whats really important, spending quality time with loved ones.

Explore our unique flavours such as tandoori chicken, lamb rogan josh and savoury chutneys all made fresh daily in our little Indian Joint located in Maraval Plaza. We NEVER use food colouring or artificial preservatives so you can feel confident that you're eating a quality meal, thats a promise we will will always keep.

We also have a super cool food trailer that sells our artfully crafted ready-to-eat meals on the go, keep up to speed by following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for the latest news or just to see where we're parked. So, on your mark, get set, GO-GO!